NFT System

You can enjoy DIY-NFT by minting dropped items from the Meta Box.


The DIY-NFT can fit up to eight different parts.
The NFT-PARTS have a grade-based capability.

Install NFT through multiple missions and enjoy a fun Metagauge life with your own DIY-NFT.

MetaGauge drops NFT 100% with
only the first Meta Mask Wallet linkage after installing the app.

How to do NFT Minting

  • 1

    Get Meta Box

  • 2

    Open Meta Box

  • 3

    See Item info
    in the inventory

  • 4

    Click Minting button

  • 5

    NFT Minting
    with ROD TOKEN

NFT Driving capability

  • Generating capacity

    Ability to represent the
    power of the NFT engine

    Higher output allows
    more ROD token mining

  • Torque

    Ability to represent the
    instant speed of the NFT

    Higher torque allows
    more MRG token mining

  • Fuel efficiency

    Ability to reduce the percentage
    of fuel loss when mining ROD tokens

    Fuel economy should be maintained
    at a constant level against output

  • Santa

    Ability level affects to NFT PARTS drop rate
    and PARTS level enforcement

    Santa affects to percentage
    in Metagauge DApp